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Barun-senghwal actively participates in various events of the Department, the college and the university. With its particular interest in voluntary service, it has provided public services outside the university in a systematic way. Under the guidance of the advisor, professor Soo Yeol Lee, humane and social activities are emphasized, which the university life might lack. The primary goal is that all the members of the club participate in public services more than once a month, and we have endeavored to fulfill it. Plus, our main activities include outings in the spring and fall and joyful membership training (MT) to enhance friendship, as well as service activities.


Atlas is the only academic club, whose key members are recruited from the Department of Biomedical Engineering. The focus areas of study include basic software and hardware. Specifically, it provides freshmen with software education, holds the prize contest for hardware for students, and help students study in this major. Two separate groups, for freshmen and for students, are operational. The president is in charge of the freshmen group. During the semester, a third-year student manages the students group. Students have a meeting at the beginning of every semester to decide on their schedules.


TIMES is an English study club of the Department of Biomedical Engineering. Since the Department seeks knowledge not only in engineering but also in various fields including medical science and technology, its curriculum includes quite many courses in medical engineering and requires a good level of English proficiency. Admittedly, however, engineering students might lack the information about the medical field and the English skill. Thus, the club was established with the hope to broaden its medical knowledge and to learn English necessary for the major. TIMES strives for a fusion club, whose activities are not limited to the Department but beyond it, including PR for the Department on- and off-line and public services.


REDCARD was established in April, 2000 by the students of the Department of Biomedical Engineering. As implied by the club title, we made it to play soccer together. We have a good record in the annual athletic competition of the College of Electronics and Information. We play soccer between 3 pm and 6 pm every Sunday. We will do our best to have games with teams from other universities, schools, and Departments.