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  1. 1. Given to the students with good academic records. Awardees are selected by GPA (80%) and interview (20%).
  2. 2. Evaluation criteria shall include GPA of the (major) courses in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, credits,     and the intention of continuing the graduate program. (Those who have completed all the major courses are
  3. 3. Amount: Determined by the amount of the available funds. The top student is given the full tuition scholarship for
        the semester.
  4. 4. Application: Letter of introduction, study and career plan, transcripts, and verification of enrollment
  1. 1. Students in need will be granted. Students with GPA over 2.0 are eligible.
  2. 2. Amount: Determined by the amount of the available funds.
  3. 3. Application: Letter of introduction, study and career plan, transcripts, verification of enrollment, and proofs of
  • - Scholarship students are selected by the Department committee.
  • - Those who already have other scholarships, such as veterans scholarships, scholarships from outside foundations,
       and admissions scholarships, are excluded.
  • - Those who have submitted any fraudulent application documents and/or unlawfully received duplicate scholar ships
       are excluded.
  • - Those who have less than 15 credits or have registered 9 or more semesters (e.g., students who have delayed
       graduation) are excluded.
  • - Basic livelihood security recipients and potential welfare recipients, who are supported by the university, are


1. Eligibility Students who have GPA of 2.0 or over and 15 credits or more are eligible. Students who have a high GPA, behave well, and are in need are selected. Application period is at the end of each semester (June and December). (Note that any of the following items, if applies, will terminate eligibility for the scholarships.) ① Any academic warning and/or 9 semesters or more registered (such as delayed graduation) ② Any disciplinary measure of probation or beyond ③ Any misbehavior that undermines the prestige of the university ④ Any fraudulent document or an unlawful receipt of duplicate scholarships 2. Application a. One copy of application form: administration office b. One copy of application reason (no fixed format) c. One copy of the proof of the National Health Insurance payment: National Health Insurance Corporation d. Other documentary evidence (tax exemption, disability registration, etc.)
  1. 1. Exclude the fourth-year students in the 8th, 9th, and 10th semesters, the transferred students in the 4th, 5th, and
        6th semesters (graduation delayed and graduation expected).
  2. 2. Exclude the recipients of external scholarships (other than Mirero, Promotion of Science and Engineering, Liveli
        hood, Basic Livelihood Security, Kyung Hee Family, Veterans Family, Global Academy for Future Civilizations,
        FELLOW Studious scholarships).
  3. 3. Exclude the applicants for the benevolent scholarships (Recipients will be granted the bigger one between the
        benevolent scholarship and the honors scholarship.)
  4. 4. Eligible students must have 12 credits or more for the major courses in the semester and total 15 credits or more
        after matriculation.
  1. 1. Eligible are the students whose GPA was between 1.7 and 2.0 in the previous semester and is over 3.5
        (without the retaken credits) in the semester of application.
  2. 2. Each recipient is granted \700,000.